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Located in Amador County, CA.

"“Where Quality Counts!”

No matter how big or small the job, we are ready to help with all your construction projects.

Road Excavating Services  ~  Land clearing, earth moving, dirt hauling and removal, grading, laying stone base & asphalt, curb & gutter, water & sewer installation, storm drains & erosion control and related road excavation services.  


Building Site Preparation  ~  For residential, commercial and municipal buildings includes... land clearing, grading, foundations, basements, streets, parking lots, water & sewer installation, septic installation, curb & gutter, storm drainage & erosion control and related site work excavating services.


Ponds & Lake Construction  ~  For recreational enjoyment, agricultural management and related storm water management excavation services. 

Estates & Farm Excavation Services  ~  Custom entrances, graded roadways, site prep for riding arenas, livestock and horse barns, paddocks, poultry houses and related excavating services.  


Hauling  ~  A full set of trucks, dumps and trailers are ready to fulfill your hauling needs.


Septic Systems ~  We specialize in septic systems and septic systems repairs. Due to our knowledge of local town and state regulations and our close working relationship with many of the area's finest engineers, we are able to help you through the entire process, from acquiring the necessary permits to cost effective repair and installation of a complete new system. 


Demolition  ~  Total Building Demolition, Emergency Response, Exploratory Demolition, Trenching and Excavation


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